Info Dumping…

So, today I decided that instead of writing something on one of the three works in progress I have; I would do some quick edits.  Spelling errors, run on sentences, things of that sort.  The entire first chapter of one of my WIP’s is page after page of ‘info dump’.  “How did this happen?”  I ask myself.  I didn’t notice it when I wrote it.  I posted a huge bold banner at the top of the manuscript page that said. ‘THIS IS FULL OF INFO DUMP.  FIX IT!!!’ 

 I have a good idea how to fix it, but at this point I’m not excited by this particular work.  I’ve found that if I’m not excited about it the writing stinks!  (hence the reason I have 3 WIP’s going at once.)  I finished quick edits on one of the other ones this morning, so maybe I’ll work on it tomorrow when I get up. 

The info dump issue got me to thinking back to my college days.  I have numerous textbooks on writing.  I decided that if I was going to be actively writing, then I needed to refresh my memory on some key points.  Tonight I started with narrative sequencing and shaping narrative structure.  Tomorrow is point of view, then on to describing.  I hope that during my refresher course I can eliminate the bad habit of info dumping as well as a few other ones.


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