Here’s another little snippet of the current project.

Hope you guys like it.


Excerpt from pg. 67


I stomped down the driveway and onto the street. I was going to go to Cheri’s house one way or another. I needed to try to connect with her again. It was unsettling that she didn’t come to me in my sleep last night.

I shoved both of my hands in my jean pockets. Looking down at the road and kicking at random pieces of gravel I sighed wishing Cheri was there to talk to me. It was warm outside. Spring was quickly turning into summer and thoughts of Cheri were filling my mind. This was supposed to be the best summer ever for the two of us. I was going to go on vacation with her. We were supposed to be entering our senior year in the fall, but now…

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a car engine. I looked up and saw nothing heading toward me so I looked back behind me. My feet froze on the pavement. I couldn’t move. I was like a deer caught in the headlights at night. It was Phillip’s car and it was barreling straight for me. I tried to run and tripped on a small pothole in the road. As I scrambled back to my feet the rev of his car engine grew louder.

He was going to run me over! He knew that I was going to expose him. I got to my feet and looked around frantically, hoping there would be a witness to my approaching murder. Sadly the road was empty. I lunged toward the curb just as the front of his car clipped my legs sending my body spinning. My head hit the passenger side of the fender well and my vision blurred. I was in excruciating pain as I rolled along the hard gravel.

The sound of his tires screeching to a halt terrified me. Was he going to back up and finish the job? As my consciousness slowly drifted away I heard shouts and overlapping voices.

“She jumped out of nowhere. I tried to miss her I swear. Someone call an ambulance.” It was Phillip’s voice.

I tried to speak but my mouth wouldn’t work. I felt hands on my body as I fought to open my eyes.

“Hang on Kate, help is coming,” Phillip said.


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  1. Nice! I read back through the others and I get that her friend is dead, though I am wondering now who Phillip is and why he’d be trying to run her over. But it’s well done and definitely interesting.

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