Teaser Tuesday 1-5-2010

Here’s an excerpt from the first Chapter of THE LYCAN CHILD it’s the second in my SACRIFICES series. Hope you all enjoy it.

excerpt from pg.2


Ecyor sighed as he walked through the apartment. He wandered down the hall and called out for me.

“Guess we’re gonna be roomies. There’s only one bedroom in this place.”

I cringed, silently cursing the council for not making sure we had a descent place to sleep. I was thankful though that Gabriel had decided that Tim should stay behind. He was to send us information from the oracle if anything changed in her vision.

“Great, guess it’s couch city for you then,” I called back to him.

He appeared in the living room, shaking his head. “Oh, no we’re gonna take turns. No way I’m spending God knows how long on a couch. You’re gonna have to just deal with my manly smells in the bed unless you intend on doing laundry every night.”

I scowled at him as he shot me a crooked smile. We had become close our last few days together in The Hidden Kingdom. He seemed to understand my unwillingness to talk about Eli or what had happened in the cave. He did his best to avoid the subject and I was grateful for that.

“Whatever, look lets find the keys to this rat hole and get moving. Gabriel said there was another Fallen in the area. She has our documents and will supply me with blood whenever I needed it. I suspect you’re gonna need human food. You might want to think about checking the fridge to see if the Faeries had someone stock it like they said they would.”

He rubbed his stomach and smiled as he headed toward the kitchen. “Yeah I hope they did too. Man’s gotta eat ya know?”

I ingored his comment and walked to the front door. There was a nail sticking out from the side with a ring of keys hanging from it.

“Found the keys,” I called over my shoulder.

He poked his head over the open door of the refrigerator. “Found the food,” he mumbled, his mouth full of something I didn’t recognize.

“Gross, can you at least chew your food and swallow before you open your mouth.”

He smiled at me, openening his mouth wide to show me its contents.

“I think I liked it better when you were all grouchy and quiet,” I mumbled.

I took the keys from the nail on the door and tossed one in his direction. He caught it easily and strode over to my side.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, look I think we need to get set up and start looking for the Lycan. Gabriel said he was attending Montgomery high school. I guess that means we will too since the all seeing Oracle couldn’t get a fix on what he looks like. We’re gonna have to check out every brown haired brown eyed sixteen year old in the school.”

“I’ve never gone to a human school before. I hear its lots of fun, especially that ‘football’ the humans seem to love so much.”

I opened the door to the apartment and Ecyor followed, turning to lock it as it closed.



  1. okay, this could be cool. watch your spelling of “decent” near the beginning (i don’t think you mean “descent”). i was a little confused by the POV. your details are good; i like the football/human comment. keep rockin.’

  2. Not sure what’s going on, but I like the dynamic between the two characters. Sounds like they’ll be a lot of fun together.

  3. “You’re gonna have to just deal with my manly smells in the bed unless you intend on doing laundry every night” Killer line!

    I love the casual nature of these scene. Like hey, did the faeries stock the fridge? I think it’s great. Not over dramatic or formal as some YA fantasy can get. It’s down to earth, which I think is very appealing to young readers!

    xoxo — Hilary

  4. Ha, I’m with Hilary, I loved. “You’re gonna have to just deal with my manly smells in the bed unless you intend on doing laundry every night.”

    I like the humor in this. Nice work, missus.

  5. I echo the like of the manly smells line. Some great chemistry is building between these two!

  6. Yeah, I like the interchange between the two characters..funny! Interested to see where this goes….

  7. This is a good one!I don’t think I’ve read anything from this one yet. Nice job.

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