Teaser Tuesday 1-12-2010

Here’s anexcerpt from IMMORTAL BEGINNINGS.

In this scene Violet (which I previously called Rose but changed.) is meeting the Monere (a council of elders)for the first time. They are determining if she is too dangerous to keep in the general population.

I would like feedback on the descriptions please. Let me know if it needs more or  less. ENJOY


excerpt from pg.189


“Enter,” a deep male voice from beyond the door answered.

Violet took in a deep breath and prepared to meet her destiny.

As Vitus led her into the room she was bombarded by a multitude of different scents. She could smell a combination of flowers, chocolate and pine trees. She saw a long ornate table at the far end of the room. Seated at the table were three groups of three people each.

In the group to her right, there were two women dressed in flowing sundresses beneath opened black cloaks. They were beautiful, one with dark brown hair that flowed below her shoulders and warm chestnut brown eyes; the other had unnatural looking fire red hair with piercing green eyes. The man seated with them was handsome. His white hair flowed in waves to a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck. Strands of his hair fell on either side of his face. Violet had a calm and peaceful feeling as she studied their faces.

The group to her left, however, made her feel very uneasy. There were two men, both muscular with short dark hair; the woman was pretty but fierce looking. Her dirty blonde hair hung straight just below her chin. They were all three dressed in long tan cloaks with short sleeves.

Violet’s eyes finally rested on the group in the center. This group had two men seated on either side of a beautiful small woman. She appeared to be about five feet tall. The chair she sat in swallowed her tiny frame. Her jet-black hair was cut into sharp uneven edges around her face. The men were handsome and thin. The one on the right had bright blonde hair that fell casually onto his shoulders his deep blue eyes seemed to bore into Violet. The man on the left had white hair that was pulled into a tight, neat ponytail, his eyes were the lightest green Violet had ever seen. They reminded her of the green paint she used for highlighting blades of grass in her paintings. They all three wore bright red cloaks similar to the others. They were all staring at Violet in wonder.

“Welcome, Violet.” The white haired man nodded to her.

She quickly remembered Vitus’ instructions and bowed to the Monere, however she didn’t lower her head completely. She kept it upright to not lose sight of any one of them. She felt defensive, poised for one of them to spring on her at any moment.

“Thank you for seeing me,” she replied to the man.

“My name is Cargon, this is Kieran, and the gentleman beside her is Jett. We three are the Lamia Monere, since we all know your name. I will take a moment to have the other Monere introduce their own.”

The largest man in the group to Violet’s left stood, he looked to be at least seven feet tall. “I am Luka,” he said in a deep commanding voice. “This is Tia.” The fierce woman nodded sharply. “And Cade. We are the Lupus Monere.” The giant man called Luka sat down soundlessly to her amazement.

A slight woman on Violet’s right stood. She looked kindly at Violet. Her voice was like the song of a bird. “I am Mage, this is Elrich.” She pointed to the pony tailed man beside her. “And Anise.” Anise smiled at Violet and suddenly she felt calm again. “We are the Veneficus Monere. Welcome.”

Cargon looked to Vitus. “We would like to speak with Violet before we make our final decision. Violet we are going to ask you questions, if you do not know the answer simply tell us. Do not attempt to lie or deceive us in any way. Elrich can sense if you are untruthful and you will be punished appropriately, do you understand?”

She took a deep calming breath and looked to Vitus for reassurance. He nodded and widened his eyes to indicate that he knew Cargon was extremely serious. The Monere was very intimidating to her; she was worried that she would offend one of them and be ‘punished’. The Lupus never took their eyes off of her. She noticed Luka drew in a deep breath through his nose each time she spoke. He eyed her curiously then whispered something to Cade and Tia. They both nodded and drew in deep breaths through their noses.

Are they smelling me?

Cargon cleared his throat loudly, pulling her out of her thoughts. She looked directly at his green eyes and nodded.

“Yes, I understand,” she finally said, her voice no louder than a whisper.



  1. Ooh, tense situation. And smelling her? Creepy! I want to know why she’s there.

  2. Definitely tense, and I echo Ink–what the heck is up with the smelling her? Creepy weird! 🙂

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