Teaser Tuesday 2-23-2010

Here’s another excerpt from The Sacrifices: Lycan Child.  Hope you guys like it.


excerpt from pg. 46 

I looked over at Ecyor and he nodded. Silently we made our way to the house. I crouched below a window and peered over the ledge to get a look inside. A man sat in a recliner in the living room.

He was leaning over and rubbing his temple. “Gavin, I really need to talk to you son. It’s important.”

I quickly ducked back down when I noticed the boy coming into the room.

“What is it now Dad? I’ve got homework to do. Can’t this wait?”

“No! I’ve put this off for way too long as it is. It’s time we talked about something.”

I slowly peeked back over the ledge as Ecyor watched the woods for any sign of Revenants.

Gavin sat on the couch opposite to the man. “Dad, seriously, we don’t need to have the sex talk. I already had it with Mom a year ago so you’re off the hook. Let’s just go eat in peace.”

The man stood up suddenly and crossed the room to Gavin. He flinched back from his father’s advance.

“You don’t understand son, this had nothing to do with ‘sex’, well not directly at least. Will you just be quiet and listen to me for once.”

The fear on Gavin’s face made me feel angry. I wanted to rush in and throw his father across the room.

“Fine Dad, just calm down…please.” His voice was shaking as he held his hand up defensively.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you son, I just…sometimes I can’t help myself. You’ll understand one day.” He paced back and forth across the floor like a caged animal.

I watched his movements intently, I had been right. The boy was Lycan and so was his father.

“They say it skips a generation. Did you know that? I don’t understand why you had to be different. It shouldn’t have happened to you. It should have missed you. If I had known you would be cursed like me then I would have never let your mother have you. It’s not fair.”

Gavin stared at his father confused. “You’re rambling again Dad. What are you talking about? What curse?”

The man took a step back from his son and sighed. “It’s best if I show you son. You wouldn’t believe me otherwise. Promise me you won’t run away though. I won’t hurt you okay?”

Gavin glanced at the front door and back to his father. “Show me what Dad?” He finally asked.

His father removed his shirt and I noticed long scars along his back, claw marks. He had been in a great many fights in his time.

“Just don’t run okay?” He asked shakily.

Gavin stared wide-eyed at his father. I watched as his body began to shake. Tremors ran down his spine and I watched in awe as his back and shoulders reshaped themselves. I looked at Gavin. His face was filled with horror as his father began to transform. The sound of ripping fabric caused him to look down at his father’s feet. His pants were lying on the floor as his legs sprouted thick black fur. He fell to the ground on all fours and his nose stretched into a snout.

Gavin was standing on the couch now; clutching the wall as he continued to stare at his father. “What the hell!”

His father looked up at him with his wolf face. A low whine came from his muzzle as he stepped toward Gavin.

“You stay back. I mean it! Whatever you are…just stay back. You’re not my Dad!” He screamed as he leapt off of the couch and ran to the door.



  1. Well, that certainly is interesting. There are a few typos and grammatical things, but you know me. Always a stickler for that type of thing. This def. was a tease though. Can’t wait to read the rest.

    One question though, Gavin’s dad wasn’t that scary to me, why would Gavin fear his dad and why did the bother the MC so much. Maybe add in a bit more detail. Thanks.

  2. …Ok…I digg it…I aint so big nto grammatical errors..I just couldnt care less over periods, and grammer marks, or even spelling for that matter…it’s the STORY itself…reads good

  3. Hmm, you’ve got me wondering about the very different style of names between the people watching through the window and the more typical “Gavin.” Clearly there’s something going on here.

    My only suggestion would be to eliminate some of the “dad” and “son” usages. People don’t usually address each other by names or nicknames in every sentence.

    Otherwise, it’s a nice tease! Well done.

    – Liz

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