Teaser Tuesday 4-20-2010

Here’s another excerpt from the current WIP. 

 Comments and suggestions are welcomed. ENJOY!


excerpt from pg. 17

“So, what class is next on your list of dreaded senior year torture?” he asked.

“Art and then Spanish. The only two classes I don’t have to study like a crazy person to pass,” she said.

Eric grinned again. She loved the almost mischievous grin he had been giving her all day. The way his eyes twinkled, like he was plotting something deep in the back of his mind.

“Cool, then to art we go,” he said as he took the paper sack from her and tossed it into the trashcan as they passed.

“We, you mean you’re gonna be in there with me?” she asked.

Her heart pounded at the thought of spending more time with him. She had never allowed herself to imagine having a real boyfriend. With Eric though, she could see herself wrapped in his arms as he played with her hair. It was a long shot, she was sure of it, but it was still a nice thought.

“Yep, then I go to Orchestra,” he said.

She knew he was musically inclined; the slight calluses he had on his fingertips gave it away for her. She always noticed little things like that about people’s hands, mostly because she was always looking down instead of at their faces.

“What do you play?” she asked.

“Bass mostly, but I can also rock the cello,” he laughed.

They stopped in front of the art room and she noticed the other students already in their seats. She hadn’t heard the bell so she wondered if they were late. Eric took a seat at a large drafting table at the back of the room, waving her over to sit next to him.

“I’m special, I get to sit over here and do whatever while the rest of the sheep have to draw bowls of fruit.”

She took a seat beside him and waited for the teacher to make her move. Eric took out a sketchbook from beneath the table and flipped to a blank page. He set to drawing as Jordyn watched in amazement. His quick movements along the paper began to form a girl’s face. She realized as she continued to watch him that it was her face, without the scars. A tear began to form in her eye as she wished she really looked like the girl he drew. She wiped it away and dug in her backpack for her own sketchbook. It was filled with made up characters and creatures. She never knew where the ideas for them came from, but she was able to draw anything she imagined. Eric glanced over at her paper as she flipped through the book.

“You’re pretty good,” he said.

She shrugged her shoulders and dug out her pencil box.

“Yeah, but I suck at drawing anything real. I can only draw what I make up. If you asked me to draw that chair over there it would look like a five year old did it,” she said.

Eric chuckled and held up his drawing to her.

“A portrait of you. Do you like it?” he asked, that flicker of light in his eyes.

“Yeah, but it’s not really me,” she mumbled as she lowered her head and began to sketch.

“Sure it is. I just did your hair different,” he looked at the drawing them back at Jordyn. “I think you cover that pretty face of yours too much,” he finally said.

She didn’t want to state the obvious, that he left off her hideous scars, she wanted the drawing to be accurate; that her face was as flawless as he apparently saw it.

“It’s better that way, for everyone,” she said.

She wanted the conversation to change to something other than her face. Eric sensed her unease and flipped the page, starting a new drawing.


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