Teaser Tuesday 3-9-10

Here’s a little piece of THE BOND. It’s kinda sappy, but I like it. Hope you all like it too…


excerpt from pg. 64

“What’s wrong?” I asked, afraid it was something I did.

“My Uncle says we have to go away for a while, I don’t want to leave you though.”

He took my hand and looked deep into my eyes. His were filled with worry as he leaned closer to me.

“He promises it won’t be for long. I’ll write to you every day, I swear.”

The thought of not seeing him made my stomach do flips. I didn’t know if I could survive without him.

“Well did he say how long you would be gone?”

He lowered his head and sighed. “No. We leave in the morning. I’m supposed to be at home right now packing.”

He was going away, I would be alone. The thought scared me to death. What would I do?

“So… my question I guess Cleo, is will you wait for me? We could be gone for a month or a year maybe longer. I’ll understand if you decide not to. You’re a beautiful girl, and now that your Father’s back you two will probably  return to London in the winter. I’m sure he has lots of boys in mind for you to marry, respectable boys that can give you the future you deserve. I shouldn’t have let this go this far. I know that now.”

He slowly stood and headed to the window.

“Wait,” I almost yelled.

“I … don’t want any other boy… I want you, always.”

I reached my hand out to him as he turned to face me.

“Cleo, I can’t promise you anything, except that I love you more than you can imagine.” He leaned down to me and kissed me.

His kiss was more needing than ever before it was as if this was our last kiss. His arms wrapped me tightly to him for the first time in a long while I noticed how cold his body felt against mine. When he pulled back from me I looked deep into his eyes, they looked like silver marbles in the candlelight. My breath caught at the sight of them. Quickly he released his hold on me and moved away.

“I should go. I will come back for you Cleo. I won’t find any fault in you if you find someone else though. I love you… goodbye.” He climbed out the window as I stared after him.

I couldn’t move I was frozen by his words. How could he think I would find someone else? I ran to the window and looked down in time to see him nearing the stables.

“I’ll never love anyone but you Darren,” I cried into the night sky.

I knew he couldn’t hear me but it looked like he turned at the sound of my voice. I watched until I couldn’t see him anymore, then I cried. I couldn’t believe he was gone just like that. I knew he promised to come back, but how was I supposed to go on without him?


Teaser Tuesday 3-2-2010

Here’s a ‘hot smooch’ scene from IMMORTAL BEGINNINGS

excerpt from pg. 215 

Remus held her hand as they walked through the flower garden. The last of the summer blooms were opening. The night air was thick with their sweet scent.

“You don’t talk much, do you?” she asked as he stopped at a wooden bench and motioned for her to sit. She sat down, still clinging to his hand.

“Well, you seem to like to talk, so I want you to do what you like,” he flashed a smile at her as he sat down beside her. He reached his hand up to gently trace her lips with his fingertip. “May I interrupt your words for a moment and ask you for something?”

Roxy nodded her head, unable to form words while the electric shocks tingled across her mouth.

“May I kiss you?” He stared deeply into her eyes through the dark locks of hair that fell across his face.

She nodded and closed her eyes in anticipation.

This is it! My first kiss with Remus, oh I hope I don’t screw it up. Man he smells good.

Roxy’s thoughts were shattered by the warm sensation of Remus’ lips against hers. He parted her lips with his tongue and placed his hand behind her head as he pulled her closer. She became warm all over and her fingers found their way to his hair. He moaned as she inched her body closer to his. She had heard what it was like to kiss the one you bond with, but no one explained it like this. She felt drawn to him like she wanted to melt into his body and be one being. He slowly moved closer to her as his kiss moved down her neck and up to her earlobe. She could hear his heavy breathing and the pounding of his heart. His breath smelled of peppermint.

He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her from her seat and put her onto his lap facing him. Her body felt like it would explode at any moment as he ran his hand up the side of her dress and grasped her thigh. Moaning with pleasure, she leaned toward him and kissed him with more strength than she thought possible. Their lips moved in perfect motion with one another.

“This is so much better than I ever imagined,” she whispered as he kissed her neck toward her chest.

His hand cupped her breast as she gave a soft moan, reveling in the electrical sensations his touch brought.

“Well, nice to see you don’t send all the boys away unsatisfied. I guess my little training session with you last year did some good after all.”

Roxy recognized Gabe’s voice as he appeared from behind an Oak tree.

She quickly stood up, straightened her dress and whirled around to face him. “Oh you’re just jealous it isn’t you, and it never will be again!”

She felt her face flush with embarrassment and anger. She was furious he said anything about that in front of Remus. She wanted to rip his throat out. She closed her fists tightly at her side and clenched her teeth.

Remus was instantly standing beside her smoothing her hand and glaring at Gabe. “Did you enjoy the show you pervert? Don’t you have some poor unsuspecting girl to violate or something?” Remus spat at him.

He had already heard about Gabe’s reputation with the girls and had no desire to allow him to further harm Roxy.

“Whoa, Roxy, he’s feisty. I like that. You want to have a go, big man?” Gabe asked.

“Gabe stop it. You’re being a child. Leave us alone!” Roxy yelled as Remus dropped her hand and placed himself between her and Gabe.

He let out a snarl that echoed into the trees. “You really don’t want to go there… Gabriel,” his voice was menacing.

Teaser Tuesday 2-23-2010

Here’s another excerpt from The Sacrifices: Lycan Child.  Hope you guys like it.


excerpt from pg. 46 

I looked over at Ecyor and he nodded. Silently we made our way to the house. I crouched below a window and peered over the ledge to get a look inside. A man sat in a recliner in the living room.

He was leaning over and rubbing his temple. “Gavin, I really need to talk to you son. It’s important.”

I quickly ducked back down when I noticed the boy coming into the room.

“What is it now Dad? I’ve got homework to do. Can’t this wait?”

“No! I’ve put this off for way too long as it is. It’s time we talked about something.”

I slowly peeked back over the ledge as Ecyor watched the woods for any sign of Revenants.

Gavin sat on the couch opposite to the man. “Dad, seriously, we don’t need to have the sex talk. I already had it with Mom a year ago so you’re off the hook. Let’s just go eat in peace.”

The man stood up suddenly and crossed the room to Gavin. He flinched back from his father’s advance.

“You don’t understand son, this had nothing to do with ‘sex’, well not directly at least. Will you just be quiet and listen to me for once.”

The fear on Gavin’s face made me feel angry. I wanted to rush in and throw his father across the room.

“Fine Dad, just calm down…please.” His voice was shaking as he held his hand up defensively.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you son, I just…sometimes I can’t help myself. You’ll understand one day.” He paced back and forth across the floor like a caged animal.

I watched his movements intently, I had been right. The boy was Lycan and so was his father.

“They say it skips a generation. Did you know that? I don’t understand why you had to be different. It shouldn’t have happened to you. It should have missed you. If I had known you would be cursed like me then I would have never let your mother have you. It’s not fair.”

Gavin stared at his father confused. “You’re rambling again Dad. What are you talking about? What curse?”

The man took a step back from his son and sighed. “It’s best if I show you son. You wouldn’t believe me otherwise. Promise me you won’t run away though. I won’t hurt you okay?”

Gavin glanced at the front door and back to his father. “Show me what Dad?” He finally asked.

His father removed his shirt and I noticed long scars along his back, claw marks. He had been in a great many fights in his time.

“Just don’t run okay?” He asked shakily.

Gavin stared wide-eyed at his father. I watched as his body began to shake. Tremors ran down his spine and I watched in awe as his back and shoulders reshaped themselves. I looked at Gavin. His face was filled with horror as his father began to transform. The sound of ripping fabric caused him to look down at his father’s feet. His pants were lying on the floor as his legs sprouted thick black fur. He fell to the ground on all fours and his nose stretched into a snout.

Gavin was standing on the couch now; clutching the wall as he continued to stare at his father. “What the hell!”

His father looked up at him with his wolf face. A low whine came from his muzzle as he stepped toward Gavin.

“You stay back. I mean it! Whatever you are…just stay back. You’re not my Dad!” He screamed as he leapt off of the couch and ran to the door.

Teaser Tuesday 2-16-2010

*NOTE this scene is pertty unsettling for some, read at your own risk…


Here’s the beginning of Chapter 9.

Cleo’s adoptive father has kept her under lock and key since her adoptive mother died. He is violent and abusive toward her. She will be rescued though, so no worries.    

excerpt from pg. 76

    The turning of the lock that night was no surprise to me. Father checked on me every night around 11:00, to make sure I hadn’t jumped out the window I’m sure. Unlike every other night though he closed the door behind him and locked it.

    I curled up into a ball awaiting one of his drunken beatings. I could smell the liquor on him as he stood beside my bed.

    “It’s been so long Miriam,” he slurred.

    Shock ran through me. Miriam was my Mum’s name, why would he call me that? I pulled the blanket tightly to me.

    “You can’t deny me anymore. I’ve brought money, you promised to give me a son Miriam. Let me make a child with you, I’ll pay you well for him.”

    I heard the clink of coins as they landed on the floor. I pulled the blanket tighter against my body and tried to move away from him as he sat on the bed. Suddenly he grasped the blankets and jerked them out of my hands, throwing them onto the floor. I looked up into his blank eyes as he smiled drunkenly at me.

    “You want to play coy with me woman?”

     “Father, what are you doing?” I asked in a whimper.

     He ignored my words and placed his hand on my hip turning me onto my back. I couldn’t move. I was terrified. I knew this had to be a nightmare, this wasn’t real. I pulled away from him.

    “Father stop it!” I cried as tears fell from my eyes.

    I noticed the familiar fury cross his face as he raised his hand.

    “You will give me what I’ve come for whore! If I have to make you I will. I will not be denied by the likes of you!”

    Then realization hit me. He knew my mum; he was one of her customers, possibly even my real father. I had suspected it the first time I met him. He had looked at me that night as though he had known me my whole life. I never mentioned it though. I was afraid that if he found out I knew about him and Mum that he would send me away.

     “Please stop!” I cried out again.

    His hand came down on my face with a vengeance. I sheilded it as best I could with my hands as he struck me again. The now familiar taste of blood filled my mouth. I knew he was going to kill me for sure this time. I silently prayed for it. I lost consciousness then.

     When I awoke he was above me, naked, looking down on me with no expression on his face. I noticed my nightgown lay on the floor in pieces beside the bed and terror struck through me again. He intended to rape me, to defile my body as he had done to my Mum who knows how many times. I fought back for the first time against him lashing out with my fingernails and fists.

    “No! Father stop, you don’t know what you’re doing,” I cried.

     He placed his hand over my mouth and nose as he thrust himself into me. I screamed beneath his hand as my consciousness begin to slip away again. I couldn’t breathe; he was smothering me. The darkness finally consumed me and I was grateful for it.

    The pain was too much.

Teaser Tuesday 2-1-2010

Since you all liked the dialouge between these two characters last time, I figured I would post another snippet from the WIP



excerpt from pg. 6



“You know we’re gonna need some kind of back story once we get into the school. I doubt anyone will believe we’re brother and sister.” I laughed as Ecyor put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me to him.

“What? Are you kidding? You’re like a carbon copy of me.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Only Ecyor would be oblivious to the differences in our skin color.

“Okay, so you’re an albino copy, but what does it matter?”

I pulled out from his arm and punched his shoulder. “Hey, I’m not an albino, and I’m being serious. Maybe we can say we’re like adopted or something? Of course our ‘parents’ are always gonna be conveniently missing. It’s not that hard to believe, right? Gabriel said the principal at the school is a Witch so we’ll have no problem getting enrolled. Our only problem is finding the Lycan and convincing him he’s in danger.”

We reached a bus stop and I looked over at Ecyor.

“Care to dare public transportation? I hear its all the rage in The Earth Realm.” I laughed.

He ignored my joke and focused his eyes on the map placed inside the covered seating area.

“We’re gonna need to get our hands on a map too. I don’t want to rely on your keen sense of smell to find our way around town.” He answered.

I rolled my eyes as I reached up and jerked the map off of the wall. “Her ya go. One map, as requested.”

He shook his head at me and smiled. “I meant one that had the entire city, not just the stops this particular bus made.”

“Whatever lets just get to Onoskelis. She probably has maps and stuff for us.”

The sound of squealing brakes pierced my ears as the bus appeared.

“Come on. According to my newly acquired ‘map’ this bus stops just down the road from the address Gabriel gave us.” Ecyor said.

I nodded in agreement and followed him onto the bus. Thankfully one of the Faeries had given me some cash before we left. I dropped the coins into the holder and followed Ecyor to the back of the bus.

The humans watched as we passed and I was reminded of the subway with Eli. He had told me to not make eye contact with the humans. They tend to get intrigued by Unforgiven. I averted my eyes from their stares and locked them on Ecyor. He was sitting confidently in a seat near the back. As I plopped down next to him he leaned over close to me.

“They weren’t kidding when they said humans get all googly eyed when you guys look at them.”

I glanced up toward the front of the bus and noticed three sets of male eyes on me. “Quit staring at them.” I whispered.

He looked at me with a devious expression and smiled. “I know of one sure fire way to get them to quit staring at you.” He chuckled.

“You are NOT going to hurt any of them. Just ignore it and they’ll stop.”

He wiggled his eyebrow at me and wrapped his arm over my shoulder, turning me toward him he leaned in close to my face. “Just go with it.”

He turned my body so that the humans could no longer see my face and pulled me close to him. He moaned and rubbed my back as I looked at him with shock.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Making them think you’re with me, now just make some lovey dovey noises and then sit back like you’re out of breath.”

I giggled at the thought of what the humans were seeing and did as he said. When I sat back and looked toward the front of the bus the humans were no longer staring at me.

“See told you it would work.” He laughed as he removed his arm from my shoulder.

“Yeah well, maybe warn me next time. I thought you had gone completely loopy on me.”

Teaser Tuesday 1-26-2010

Here’s an excerpt from one of my current WIP’s


excerpt from pg. 123


I flipped through the channels settling for a generic looking romance movie. I leaned against the cushions and closed my eyes, listening to the drone of the conversation on the TV. A loud thud sounded from behind me and I jerked my eyes open. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming. I wrenched my neck and tried to see what had made the sound. My mouth gaped open as a whimper escaped from it. Alan was lying at the bottom of the stairs; blood flowed from a gash on his head, staining the carpet beneath him. Heavy steps sounded from the stairway. My heart raced, I had to be dreaming. Any second now Alan would touch my shoulder and wake me up.

The steps grew louder as I felt my shoulders shake. I tried to cry out but no sound would come from my terrified body. The pounding in my chest echoed the footsteps, as they grew nearer. I looked at Alan as he lie on the floor. His chest moved and I felt a slight relief wash over me. He was alive still. Another footstep sounded and I looked up into the face I had been dreading seeing.

Phillip stood over Alan; his hair was wild as he glared down at Alan. He landed a hard kick to Alan’s ribs, I squeezed my eyes together, hoping, praying that when I opened them it would all be a dream. I opened them to see Phillip staring at me, a look of malice on his face. He stalked toward me, his eyes locked on mine. I was frozen with fear. How had he gotten past the cops outside? How did he get in the house? Had I been asleep for a long time?

My eyes darted to Alan as his body twitched, a moan came from where he was laying. Phillip turned at the sound and walked back to him.

“You’re a tough one kid.” He said as he landed a kick to Alan’s head, sending it back and into the wall with a thump.

“Stop it, leave him alone.”

I had finally found my voice. It was shaky and higher than usual. Tears flowed from my eyes as I looked at Alan’s broken body. Phillip turned to me and grinned, a sick and twisted smile.

“You’re right. I don’t have a lot of time. The police are bound to be calling your dad right about now.”

Confusion filled my mind as I tried to piece together his insane ramblings.

“You know your mother was such a sweet woman. It’s a shame she wouldn’t listen to me and have you committed. We could have avoided all of this.”

He waved his hands in a gesture around the room. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest as he stepped closer to me.

“Yes, poor woman, she’s probably realizing right about now that her brakes don’t work.” A wicked laugh echoed in my ears as he continued to grin at me. “You know that hill on the way back from town is dangerous if you can’t keep your speed down.”

I gasped as I realized he must have done something to her car at some point today. My body continued to tremble as I swallowed hard, trying to figure out how I was going to survive this.

“Yes any minute now your poor father is gonna get that dreadful call. If they can identify her that is. You know, when a car gets banged around too much sometimes they blow up.” He moved his hands mimicking the sound of an explosion as he cackled.

“You monster.” I breathed. “You won’t get away with this. They’ll know it was you.”

He shrugged his shoulders as he stopped beside the couch; the stench of alcohol assaulted my nose as he leaned down close to me.

“I got nothing to loose anymore little girl. That bitch friend of yours was gonna ruin everything I worked so hard to get. I had to shut her up. Then you, little miss nosy had to go snooping. You should have just left well enough alone.”

He stood up quickly, raising his hand into the air and landing his open palm against my face. The force of his strength almost knocked me off of the couch. I grasped the arm of it to keep my balance as my face pulsed with pain.

“Years of planning and all of it gone in an instant. That little tease got what she deserved, just like you will.” He seethed.

I was helpless and alone. Alan lay silent and still on the floor against the wall and there was no way of knowing if Mom had survived the accident he had described. My only hope was that Dad would coma home in time to save me. Apparently, the police outside couldn’t hear the commotion. Probably too engrossed in mindless conversation or listening to the radio.

“You have any idea how hard it is to make a wreck look like an accident? Of course, you don’t. Henry was just in the way. I had to get rid of him you know? Then I had to wait and I did. I was patient. I knew if I gave her enough time she would see how much I loved her. But Cheri, that little bitch, she was determined to come between us. I couldn’t let that happen.”

My mind raced, trying to make sense of his words. He was crazy, insane and deranged.

“You killed Cheri’s dad? You couldn’t have. A drunk driver hit him. How could you orchestrate something like that?”

I had to keep him talking. The longer he bragged, the more time Dad had to get home to me. I wished I had one of those little panic buttons they give to old people for when they fall. At least then I could signal someone to come and help me. As it was I was a sitting duck for him.

“It was a lot easier than I thought it would be though. I jut had to find the right patsy. Poor bastard had no idea he was gonna die that night. He thought he had found a new friend when I started buying him shots. Then all I had to do was get him to drive me home.” Another evil laugh made me cringe as he continued his tale. “He was completely unconscious, did you know that? I had to wedge his foot against the gas pedal and steer the car from the passenger side. When I saw Henry’s car I aimed the drunk’s car, opened my door and rolled away, watching the beauty of it all.”

Any moment Dad would come rushing in the door, or the cops outside. Someone, anyone to make this madman go away.

“You know he begged for me to call for help? I watched as his life slipped away, and enjoyed every second of it. Cheri’s death was far too quick. I would have really enjoyed watching her suffer like her father did.”

I was horrified.

“You won’t get away with this.” I whispered.

Phillip grinned and reached his hand out to me, running his fingers through my hair. I jerked back from him as he grasped a handful, pulling me back to him.

“Don’t you realize that I don’t care if they catch me? I’ve already lost Marie. She was my life, that little whore Cheri took her from me though. She was gonna mess everything up. I had to get rid of her. Now I have to get rid of you,” he said.

His warm breath blew across my face as I scrunched my nose from the foul smell of it. This was it. He was gonna kill me and probably disappear without a trace. I thought about Cheri and how she must have felt as he forced the pills down her throat and smothered her face with his massive hands.


Teaser Tuesday 1-12-2010

Here’s anexcerpt from IMMORTAL BEGINNINGS.

In this scene Violet (which I previously called Rose but changed.) is meeting the Monere (a council of elders)for the first time. They are determining if she is too dangerous to keep in the general population.

I would like feedback on the descriptions please. Let me know if it needs more or  less. ENJOY


excerpt from pg.189


“Enter,” a deep male voice from beyond the door answered.

Violet took in a deep breath and prepared to meet her destiny.

As Vitus led her into the room she was bombarded by a multitude of different scents. She could smell a combination of flowers, chocolate and pine trees. She saw a long ornate table at the far end of the room. Seated at the table were three groups of three people each.

In the group to her right, there were two women dressed in flowing sundresses beneath opened black cloaks. They were beautiful, one with dark brown hair that flowed below her shoulders and warm chestnut brown eyes; the other had unnatural looking fire red hair with piercing green eyes. The man seated with them was handsome. His white hair flowed in waves to a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck. Strands of his hair fell on either side of his face. Violet had a calm and peaceful feeling as she studied their faces.

The group to her left, however, made her feel very uneasy. There were two men, both muscular with short dark hair; the woman was pretty but fierce looking. Her dirty blonde hair hung straight just below her chin. They were all three dressed in long tan cloaks with short sleeves.

Violet’s eyes finally rested on the group in the center. This group had two men seated on either side of a beautiful small woman. She appeared to be about five feet tall. The chair she sat in swallowed her tiny frame. Her jet-black hair was cut into sharp uneven edges around her face. The men were handsome and thin. The one on the right had bright blonde hair that fell casually onto his shoulders his deep blue eyes seemed to bore into Violet. The man on the left had white hair that was pulled into a tight, neat ponytail, his eyes were the lightest green Violet had ever seen. They reminded her of the green paint she used for highlighting blades of grass in her paintings. They all three wore bright red cloaks similar to the others. They were all staring at Violet in wonder.

“Welcome, Violet.” The white haired man nodded to her.

She quickly remembered Vitus’ instructions and bowed to the Monere, however she didn’t lower her head completely. She kept it upright to not lose sight of any one of them. She felt defensive, poised for one of them to spring on her at any moment.

“Thank you for seeing me,” she replied to the man.

“My name is Cargon, this is Kieran, and the gentleman beside her is Jett. We three are the Lamia Monere, since we all know your name. I will take a moment to have the other Monere introduce their own.”

The largest man in the group to Violet’s left stood, he looked to be at least seven feet tall. “I am Luka,” he said in a deep commanding voice. “This is Tia.” The fierce woman nodded sharply. “And Cade. We are the Lupus Monere.” The giant man called Luka sat down soundlessly to her amazement.

A slight woman on Violet’s right stood. She looked kindly at Violet. Her voice was like the song of a bird. “I am Mage, this is Elrich.” She pointed to the pony tailed man beside her. “And Anise.” Anise smiled at Violet and suddenly she felt calm again. “We are the Veneficus Monere. Welcome.”

Cargon looked to Vitus. “We would like to speak with Violet before we make our final decision. Violet we are going to ask you questions, if you do not know the answer simply tell us. Do not attempt to lie or deceive us in any way. Elrich can sense if you are untruthful and you will be punished appropriately, do you understand?”

She took a deep calming breath and looked to Vitus for reassurance. He nodded and widened his eyes to indicate that he knew Cargon was extremely serious. The Monere was very intimidating to her; she was worried that she would offend one of them and be ‘punished’. The Lupus never took their eyes off of her. She noticed Luka drew in a deep breath through his nose each time she spoke. He eyed her curiously then whispered something to Cade and Tia. They both nodded and drew in deep breaths through their noses.

Are they smelling me?

Cargon cleared his throat loudly, pulling her out of her thoughts. She looked directly at his green eyes and nodded.

“Yes, I understand,” she finally said, her voice no louder than a whisper.