Teaser Tuesday 2-1-2010

Since you all liked the dialouge between these two characters last time, I figured I would post another snippet from the WIP



excerpt from pg. 6



“You know we’re gonna need some kind of back story once we get into the school. I doubt anyone will believe we’re brother and sister.” I laughed as Ecyor put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me to him.

“What? Are you kidding? You’re like a carbon copy of me.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Only Ecyor would be oblivious to the differences in our skin color.

“Okay, so you’re an albino copy, but what does it matter?”

I pulled out from his arm and punched his shoulder. “Hey, I’m not an albino, and I’m being serious. Maybe we can say we’re like adopted or something? Of course our ‘parents’ are always gonna be conveniently missing. It’s not that hard to believe, right? Gabriel said the principal at the school is a Witch so we’ll have no problem getting enrolled. Our only problem is finding the Lycan and convincing him he’s in danger.”

We reached a bus stop and I looked over at Ecyor.

“Care to dare public transportation? I hear its all the rage in The Earth Realm.” I laughed.

He ignored my joke and focused his eyes on the map placed inside the covered seating area.

“We’re gonna need to get our hands on a map too. I don’t want to rely on your keen sense of smell to find our way around town.” He answered.

I rolled my eyes as I reached up and jerked the map off of the wall. “Her ya go. One map, as requested.”

He shook his head at me and smiled. “I meant one that had the entire city, not just the stops this particular bus made.”

“Whatever lets just get to Onoskelis. She probably has maps and stuff for us.”

The sound of squealing brakes pierced my ears as the bus appeared.

“Come on. According to my newly acquired ‘map’ this bus stops just down the road from the address Gabriel gave us.” Ecyor said.

I nodded in agreement and followed him onto the bus. Thankfully one of the Faeries had given me some cash before we left. I dropped the coins into the holder and followed Ecyor to the back of the bus.

The humans watched as we passed and I was reminded of the subway with Eli. He had told me to not make eye contact with the humans. They tend to get intrigued by Unforgiven. I averted my eyes from their stares and locked them on Ecyor. He was sitting confidently in a seat near the back. As I plopped down next to him he leaned over close to me.

“They weren’t kidding when they said humans get all googly eyed when you guys look at them.”

I glanced up toward the front of the bus and noticed three sets of male eyes on me. “Quit staring at them.” I whispered.

He looked at me with a devious expression and smiled. “I know of one sure fire way to get them to quit staring at you.” He chuckled.

“You are NOT going to hurt any of them. Just ignore it and they’ll stop.”

He wiggled his eyebrow at me and wrapped his arm over my shoulder, turning me toward him he leaned in close to my face. “Just go with it.”

He turned my body so that the humans could no longer see my face and pulled me close to him. He moaned and rubbed my back as I looked at him with shock.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Making them think you’re with me, now just make some lovey dovey noises and then sit back like you’re out of breath.”

I giggled at the thought of what the humans were seeing and did as he said. When I sat back and looked toward the front of the bus the humans were no longer staring at me.

“See told you it would work.” He laughed as he removed his arm from my shoulder.

“Yeah well, maybe warn me next time. I thought you had gone completely loopy on me.”